Hukaran Condor


Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review and providing this photo for me.

This ride simply is the scariest ride I've ever done in my life. This ride is a drop tower ride inside the Mexican land of Port Aventura. It never has much of a queue so I got to pick where I sat.

You get to sit in either sit down(floorless) or stand-up(floorless). I was only ever brave enough to do sit down, but if there is a queue the ride host will pick where to sit you. The reason I'm scared of this ride is because its a 283ft drop tower and the tallest two I had done before (Detonator at Thorpe Park and Apocalypse at Drayton Manor) are shorter then the Hukaran combined! When in the seats you slowly get hoisted up, then when at the top you get tilted forward, get your ride photo then plummet back down to earth at 67mph, back into the station.

Around 55ft of the drop is in the dark station so that adds to it a little bit. I feel it's a pity there's never much of a queue because this is a brilliantly inhumane ride! Seriously this is a great ride to do because you can see around to park and far beyond, a must do for any body looking for serious thrills.