Ice Age Adventure



As you might expect from a place called Movie Park some rides are based on movies. This one is based around the first Ice Age film, and is located just outside the parks Nickelodeon Land.

It's a riverboat style ride, where you ride in a large boat past various scenes based on the film. I was trying to remember if there was a drop at any point. After checking on you tube I know there is one at the end.

You might conclude from the fact I'm struggling to remember parts of it that it wasn't that memorable a ride. Although the sets and models are good they're not that engaging. I think part of the problem is the source material. Most of the film took place in a similar environment, and there's a limited number of characters. None of the characters introduced in the sequels are present here. A few attempts have been made to add some humour, but for the most part all the various scenes are too similar to one another to offer much that sticks out in the memory.

Overall the production values are enough to make it a ride that's worth a quick go, but unless your a huge fan of the films it's one to skip if there's a a big queue or you need the time.