I Corsari



Some themes to dark rides do seem to keep reoccurring. There's the Egyptian themed interactive dark ride, of which there is an example at Gardaland, the fairy tale ride, or the cutesy trip around the world. By far the one I've come across most though is the pirate river ride. You may conclude that's the ride on offer here.

Although not an original theme, credit has to go out, as rather than blatantly rip off a certain Disney ride, they've at least brought some original ideas to the table. One starts strait out of the station, with a long elaborate drop. Instead of a strait drop down you take a wiggly route, descending around several corners before the splash. Technically that means I would qualify it as a water coaster, but seeing as that part takes up less than 10% of the total track length it's not one I'd put on my count.

Even after the start it continues with new ideas, with scenes I've not previously seen on any pirates rides. This includes a genius idea for a scene after the second drop, which is a good surprise I won't ruin here.

Why not a higher score then? Well although it's original, it lacks a little in humour and charm. It's not that bad, but it's a long ride, and it doesn't quite offer enough to avoid the feeling it's outstayed it's welcome a little by the end. If they could add a little humour, or it was a little shorter, it would be a ride I'd happily do several goes on. As it is I'd still want one go, but that would be enough.