Indiana Jones and
the Temple of Peril



Fans of trivia will already know that this was the first roller coaster Disney ever built that feature a loop, or any type of inversion. Apart from this claim to fame I think this is a ride that is underrated and overlooked. I suppose being in the same park as both Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain always made this a strong probability, but when you compare this to other steel roller coasters built before 1994 I think it stands up pretty well. I'm struggling to think of a steel coaster built before 1994 I prefer to this one, other than some of the Schwarzkopf classics.

It's surprising how little of this ride you actually actually see before riding it. You see a couple of turns at one end at the entrance,  then the queue goes through an area themed as an archaeological sight. This makes a nice change from some of the cattle pen style queues I'd associate with some Disney rides. You do get a few glimpses of the coaster from the queue, including the loop. but much of it remains hidden behind the theming.

I think the theming also does a good job of hiding this is a pretty typical coaster layout. It's like a larger version of a single looping rollercoaster, which is a staple for many amusement parks. Thankfully this is saved from this problem by the theming, it's a ride that if it was on a blank plot of concrete would get a 7. The theming though creates additional thrills and an element of disorientation and uncertainty, thus creating a very good ride experience. It's not up there with Disney's best, but it's a ride that still merits attention.