Indiana River



Now and then I come across an idea that strikes me as such a good one I can't believe it's not been used more. It's a log flume that's been fully enclosed in a building to give the whole ride a theme. The only other example I can think of that I've been on is Valhalla at Blackpool. Valhalla though is a big special effects ride with snow rooms and fire balls, this is a little more down to Earth.

It has a South American Inca Jungle style theme, which starts in the queue and station area. The whole ride though keeps this going, and here the log flume format really compliments it, as it creates a sense of adventure as you travel around the complex of tunnels.

This strikes me as a great way to spice up a lot of the basic sets of flumes found in various parks around, and making a ride stand out from the crowd.

As a log flume ride this would rate as average, and as a dark ride it's run of the mill. These two elements together in one ride though have come together to create a great experience. It's something that's greater than the sum of it's parts.