Jack The Ripper



I think the thing I had to sacrifice on my trip to Weiner Prater, mainly due to monetary restraints was the dark rides on offer. There is quite a good range, including at least 3 ghost trains, but after paying to do the roller coasters, the water rides, the fun houses and quite a few of the thrill rides I had pretty much exhausted my budget. There was one though I didn't want to miss, it's the one your reading a review for.

One of the advantages of a pay as you go policy (having already hinted at one of the disadvantages) is all the rides have to be up to standard. If a ride drops below standard people will spend their money on other rides, so a ride will be replaced with one that will make money. This is a particularly noteworthy example, where you get a lot for your money. The whole ride has a horror theme, and starts with a long walkthrough section with you going past a large number of spooky models and spookily themed areas. This bit alone would be a good ride, but there's more. At the end of the walkthrough you go in to a special effects lift. In it you slowly descend while a number of special effects occur around you. Normally this would be a fitting finale, but here you walk down a short corridor to a small haunted swing style room to finish the ride.

The only slight niggle is perhaps the first bit is a little too long, as it becomes a little repetitive. It's a shame one of the special effects rooms couldn't be put around halfway through, as this would help break it up a bit. Still, this doesn't detract from the ride too much. Part of me would have like to say this was only an average ride, to save myself some money on future trips. What you have here though is a great ride which I don't think I'll be able to resist another go on future trips.