Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer



Turns out Blackpool Pleasure Beach isn't the only park with a Nickelodeon Land. Movie Park Germany's version is larger than Blackpool's but this works against it, as having the rides more spread makes it feel less like a themed world, and more like a collection of colourful rides. It does though have a nice collection of family thrill rides, water rides and roller coasters, the hi-light of which had to be this.

It's a ride I was pleasantly surprised by. It's a relatively recent design innovation of an inverted roller coaster where you ride under the track with a layout designed for the family market with no loops or other inversions. I was expecting a relatively normal family coaster, with the gimmick of it being under the track. Instead I got a fast moving thrilling ride that ranks up there with the better family thrill rides I've done.

When you compare it to rides designed for a compact area like this I'm hard pushed to think of a ride that beats it. In many ways the compact design helps, as it there are constant twists and changes of direction adding to the excitement even more. For a family ride in a compact space it really delivers on the thrills, even if your not interested in any of the other rides in Nickelodeon Land this one should still be tried.