La Jungla



I can't help but feel I'm unqualified to review this ride. This is a clear rip off, based on a popular Disney ride called The Jungle Cruise. Logically it would be a good idea to compare them, to do that though I need to have been on Disney's Jungle Cruise.

As you'd might expect this ride sees you in a boat, cruising through the jungle. Don't ask me which jungle though. It starts off with a not very politically correct depiction of an African tribe, but throughout the ride the architecture and wildlife varies from South-East Asia to South America.

Continuity problems aside though this is a good ride. For an outside ride in a City amusement park it's surprisingly immersive. Enough trees and fences have been set up to stop you seeing anything you shouldn't be able
 to see. The models are just about on the right side of charmingly nostalgic compared to shabby. There are plenty of animated humorous scenes to keep your interest up, and the scenes are elaborate with multiple models, ensuring there are plenty of memorable moments. Having not ridden Disney's version I can't compare them, but on it's own it's still a good fun family ride.