Jungle Rapids



The phrase box ticker is an interesting term to apply to a ride. It would apply to a ride that's done everything it needs to be a good example of the genre, but doesn't do anything new or innovative to distinguish it. To some extent it applies to this ride.

For a good rapids ride you want some good features, and with several waterfalls and rapid areas this definitely ticks that box. You also want good pacing, and the pacing here is excellent, with no memorable lulls in the ride, which is quite an achievement considering the large size of the ride.

Also important for a great large water ride is good theming, and that is prevalent here. While not an original idea, it's been done well, with some high quality theming that leaves you feeling completely immersed in the experience.

So does the term box ticker truly apply? When it comes to a lack of original ideas, I feel that does apply to this ride. as for being undistinguished, I wouldn't say that. It may only be ticking boxes, but it ticks these boxes much better than most other rapids rides out there. It's not quite the best one I've done in Europe, but it's definitely in the top 3, making it a must do when visiting the park.