Numerous times I've speculated on a quote from John Wardley on his greatest creation Nemesis, on how they could have built a ride twice as big on a flat plot of land with no height restrictions, but it wouldn't have been as good. After speculating with an inverter from a different manufacturer (Kumali, Flamingo Land) and on a regular looping coaster from the same manufacturer (Superman, Parque Warner) finally I come to a ride that's an inverter from the same manufacturer, B+M, that can give me a definitive answer. The conclusion I can draw is John Wardley was right, because despite this rides grandiose scale it doesn't quite beat Nemesis. Does this really matter when riding it though? When a ride stands up this well it's not really an issue.

From the first thrilling drop it's a non stop adrenalin rush through numerous thrilling inversions and helixes, giving you no chance to pause until you return to the final brake. Despite taking up a huge chunk of land, and reaching a large height the ride still manages to take advantage of the landscape. You've got a large area to walk around and view the ride, plus a number of helixes that bring you close to the ground.

As you might expect from a ride of this pedigree it is great. One of the best looping roller coasters anywhere in Europe. It may be a little hard to get to Mirabilandia compared to some other European parks, but the presence of this and several other major roller coasters makes the journey well worth it.