Magma 2



I've been on some mad contraptions in my time, old school coasters that through you in every direction possible, rides that feel like they were made in someone's back garden, and even a whole park of rides that feel like they were made in someone's back garden in China. This one though takes not just the biscuit, but the cheese and brandy as well.

It sees you sitting in a large all terrain vehicle, and driving around a themed disaster area. At various points you stop as various mechanical stunts activate. These include a tanker near the top of the cliff opening up splashing you with water, entering a decontamination building and being sprayed with wet mist, and several examples of malfunctioning machinery that spray you with water.

What really ups the madness though is some of the stunts the driver of your vehicle performs. You end up driving along narrow roads with tight turns at breakneck speeds, creating a genuine sense of danger as you speed around. I'm guessing health and safety are a lot more liberal in Italy, as I don't think you could do anything like this in the UK without having to sign a disclaimer first. When you also add in several collapsing bridges, including one that drops you in a lake and splashes you with water you end up with a mad but incredibly fun ride. Easily a must do ride if your in the area.