When this ride opened in 2008 it received a lot of attention and hype, praising it as a major new roller coaster. Having ridden it do I think it lived up to the hype? To be honest, no. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good family coaster, just not the major ride it's been made out to be.

One thing that received a lot of praise is the theming. It's of a good standard, and the snowy mountains is a nice twist on the standard mine train theming. One problem is only the ride itself and the queue is themed, it's not part of a themed area. In fact the area is a bit of a mish mash of themes with a snowy mountain in one direction, an African Jungle in another, and in another is blue coaster going over water world. This doesn't have the same impact as a larger themed area would.

The other theming problem I had is a little more specific to me. Having travelled quite a lot, I've seen quite a few mine trains, including 2 others with the exact same layout as Mammut. A lot of these were also superbly themed, and although Mammut holds up well, it doesn't set the new standards the hype made out it would.

The subject of the 2 copies brings me to an issue all 3 versions have. Once you strip away all the theming all you have left is an average family coaster. Nothing bad, but even for a family coaster the thrills feel a little held back, not reaching that high a speed.

Overall it's an OK ride, it would be a nice signature coaster for a small family park. Mixed in with the big boys though it feels like a nice filler ride, rather than a major attraction in it's own right.