Max Adventure Master Thai



I hold a lot of admiration for innovation, which made this a ride I was interested in trying. it's a family coaster that has been given the interesting twist of a dual station, leading to a dual track with two trains racing each other during the ride. This makes the ride look pretty exciting, but it doesn't affect the ride experience as much as you might expect. The problem is the trains reach the top of the first big drop at different times, so there's never really any feel of racing, and you only catch an occasional glance of the other train.

One nice thing when I visited was because it operates on a Mobius loop where the dual tracks form one big circuit and the train returns to a different station every time, they only loaded and unloaded on one side, giving us two circuits of the track. This did help the problem of the ride being a little on the short side for what you'd expect from something of this scale. I reckon you could turn one half of the station in to a dark ride section, to make a pretty good family ride.

Although the racing elements aren't that big a deal it's still a pretty good family coaster. It's one that could be a good signature attraction for a small family park, wanting to put itself on the map. at Mirabilandia it doesn't rank high enough to be a must do, but unless your really pressed for time it's still worth a go.