Merlin's Castle



This is a ride that in theory should be total rubbish, but has somehow pulled it off. It's a ghost train style ride, which isn't a ride you immediately think of as a ride for a kids park. It's also theoretically hampered by the fact the models aren't of that good a quality.

The first thing it does to distinguish itself from a fairground ride is linked to the setting and layout. It's compact, but it takes a more elaborate and unpredictable layout than your average ghost train. It's also in a concrete building themed as a castle. This sees you going past a giant water wheel, or around the top of the castle's ramparts, adding interest to the ride, and distinguishing it from the travelling steel walled versions.

This track though wouldn't be enough to make up for the shabby interiors. Luckily things have been handled well here. The models aren't great, but they've upped the spook levels, with dark corridors and even a few clever jump scares along the way. It's not hugely scary, but it pushes things as far as you really can on a ride toddlers are going to want to ride. The dark lighting helps hide the shabbiness of some parts, and the spooky atmosphere is enough to make you ignore the rides short-comings. Not a must do, but it holds up well, and stands as a nice example of how to do a fun ride on a low budget.