Old West Gold Mine



This is a very similar ride to the parks other custom coaster, Gnome Valley. It's a relatively large kiddie coaster located in a well themed setting. As you might have gathered instead of the fairy tale style theme found on the Gnome Valley coaster this one is part of a large wild west area.

How do they compare then? Well scenery wise Gnome Valley wins out, not that this is anything bad. With it's small mountains, mining tunnels and a quick trip through an Indian Reservation it's of a standard that puts most other parks of this level to shame. Unlike Gnome Valley where it's good enough to be a scenic ride, here it's a good setting for a roller coaster.

You may then conclude that this is the inferior ride, luckily it makes up for it's less interesting scenery with a higher level of thrills. Both are at the kiddie level, but this one pushes things a little further with some fast corners and a few large drops. Being a kiddie coaster the thrills don't get to a major level, but they're enough to bring a good level of fun to the ride.

So which of the rides is better? That's a tough one to answer, my head says it should be this one with more thrills, but my heart holds a place for the charms of Gnome Valley. Ultimately though it doesn't matter, as you wouldn't want to miss either on a visit to the park.