This is a ride that has lost some of it's novelty value since I first rode it, although to be fair through no fault of it's own. When I first visited the idea of a giant water slide, with a dingy holding a large group of people, as opposed to the regular 2 person dinghies was a unique concept. Now it's a reasonably common one with lots of places having giant water slides you descend in either a dingy or a rapids boat. Despite the increased competition though this ride stands out as one of the best examples of this genre of water ride.

One thing that immediately puts it ahead of most of the competition is the theming. It's a unique idea I struggle to even categorise. It has a hint of Jules Verne sci-fi about it, but uses a much brighter colour scheme than you would expect. The theme is of a creation of some eccentric scientist which you board and ride.

Another thing that helps it stand out is the scale, the hill lift takes much longer to climb than I'm used to on this type of ride, and rather than just being in a small empty area as is the norm this ride takes place among a large area of trees. The fact this restricts your view from the top does take away from the excitement a little, but the restricted view throughout the ride, meaning you don't know when it's going to end does make up for this.

Overall then a good fun water ride. The fact this type of ride is now more common has robbed it of some of it's appeal. I would be more likely to give this a miss if the queue got to long or time was an issue, but under most circumstances it's one I'd give a go when passing.