Now gather round and let me tell you a story. It's about a boy who when he was young his parents took him to an amazing place called Alton Towers, the year was 1994, and an amazing roller coaster had opened called Nemesis. It blew that boy away, it dwarfed anything he'd ever ridden before in terms of thrills and sheer excitement.

Over 20 years passed, and that boy became a man. Although he now had to worry about things like jobs and paying taxes his enthusiasm for roller coasters remained. In all that time though he'd never ridden a steel coaster that was more amazing than Nemesis, sure he'd ridden a couple of wooden ones, and a few steel ones had come close, but surely after all this time Nemesis would always be the best steel he'd ever ride.

Then one day he visited another amazing place called Parc Asterix. It had many amazing rides, and characters that took him back to many of the books he read as a child, plus an amazing new themed Egyptian area. The theming was spectacular, easily ranking among the best theming he'd ever seen at a theme park. What really caught his eye though was an amazing new roller coaster called OzIris. He realised it was the same type of ride as his favourite coaster Nemesis, with trains running under the track and taking on an amazing collection of loops, twists and turns. He joined the queue and as he walked around the first part he observed in amazement how OzIris used the terrain and went through tunnels just like his favourite coaster. He then entered the second half of the queue, themed as an Egyptian tomb under the loading station. He saw some amazingly detailed and well done sets, telling the story of an Egyptian sorcerer who turned the arms of his followers into wings, granting them the power to fly.

Soon (well after a 30 minute queue) he was on the train, climbing up the hill lift. The train dove down the first drop, and immediately he was struck by the intensity and the speed which this ride tore around the track. This was done around a near perfect layout design that provided plenty of variety, at no point ever getting dull.

After leaving the amazing ride he asked himself was that better than Nemesis. It was good enough to make him think about it. He knew he had to find out, so after he'd made his way round the rest of the park the first place he headed to for a repeat ride was OzIris. Now the initial mourning rush was over the queue had got quite a bit shorter. He was on the hill lift, having got the back row of the train, knowing the track would now be suitably warmed up, if this ride was capable of beating Nemesis this would be it. The train dove down the first drop again, and what followed was the most amazing, intense and thrilling steel coaster he'd ever ridden. As he walked away he knew that after 20 years he'd finally found something he thought he might never find, it was an incredibly close run thing but he had a new favourite steel coaster. He then continued to ride it repeatedly, until his body could take no more. Sure he had limited time, and there was other stuff he would have liked to have done more goes on, but the pull of the might OzIris was too much to resist.

And that is the story of how Nemesis was finally beaten as my number one steel coaster. It goes without saying that I can't recommend this ride enough. It's got to be on your to do list at some point. It helps that you can get to Paris from the UK relatively cheaply. It helps of course that it's in a great park (as long as you avoid it on really busy days) with plenty of other great rides, but you could put this in an absolutely terrible park, and it would still be worth the effort to get to ride this. Not just a simple must do, but absolutely essential to the roller coaster enthusiast.