Phantom Manor



I almost made the mistake of titling this review the Haunted Mansion. That's what this ride is called at other Disney parks, and what the film was called. They call it Phantom Manor here because they wanted a title that French and English speaking visitors could read and interpret with a similar meaning.

This ride is in the Frontier Land section of this park, and it's a little odd for me to consider that this ride is in a different themed area in each Magic Kingdom. The ominous house on a hill, with graveyard seems like an integral part of Frontier Land here, and it feels odd for me to think about it in another area.

The theming of this ride does occupy an unusual niche. Spooky themed rides aren't uncommon, but most go for either a Scooby Doo cartoony approach, or a dark and scary approach. This one falls somewhere in between. It features some dark scenes which might upset young children, but nothing that's in you face scary that would be over scary for the majority of visitors.

The resulting ride is a great mix of horror and humour. It's a ride where the quality is top notch, where you are totally immersed in it due to the high level of attention to detail. It also has a great story of a bride cursed on her wedding day, that makes this more than going around looking at some great models. It's one of the best dark rides out there.