If you like your horror attractions, and don't want to wait until Halloween for your horror fix you could do much worse than head to North-East Italy. With large scale horror attractions found both here and at Movieland Park you're well catered for.

This one one wasn't always a walkthrough, it used to be an attempt at an upmarket ghost train. I'm not surprised it was made over to be honest, a fun fairground ghost train works in a fairground environment, but all attempts I've seen to bring this style of ride to a more sophisticated environment haven't worked. I think the slight cliché feel of the fun just doesn't lend itself to a more elaborate enviroment.

How does this new incarnation of the ride fare? It's very good, but not outstanding. It has some good scary environments, and a good number of actors providing scares and entertainment throughout the ride. The trouble is it feels like a by the numbers ride. It does everything you want a good haunted attraction to do, but it doesn't bring anything to the table to make it feel unique. Still it's a good ride worth both the up charge and the queue, especially as you can try it all year. It's a shame though it doesn't stand out from other good rides of this genre I've done.