Piranha Rapids



I read on Wikipedia that these were the first set of river rapids to ever be constructed in Europe. This could result in a let down, as other better versions are built. Here though a standard has been set that other parks have struggled to match, as this remains one of the best sets of rapids I've ever done.

I've always found that theming to be an important part of a good water ride, and this set doesn't disappoint. It has a South American, Aztec style theme in the station and around the ride, that does a good job of adding a sense of adventure to proceedings. Another important element is a large number of trees around it. This helps hide a lot of the ride from view, which is important in adding elements of surprise, and creating a feeling of immersion.

What really clinches it for this ride is despite the fact it's a really long rapids ride, it maintains a sense of fun and thrills throughout. Most rapids rides I find have one or two quieter spots, this set though stays exciting throughout. I've been on one or two better sets, which are mostly better due to more modern innovations and ride elements. As a traditional old school set this is easily one of the best examples I've ridden.