Pirates in Batavia



Since I last visited Europa Park has opened a new gun game, interactive dark ride in the Greek section of the park. When I went before this there were two main dark rides. A Haunted Mansion style one and this on, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates in Batavia ride.

As you can see, they have almost directly lifted the ideas for two of Disney's dark rides. If like me you've been on these rides at a Disney park there is a good chance this will spoil some of the impact. I found this a big problem on their Haunted Mansion ride, despite it being a good ride, I came away feeling like I'd just done an inferior copy of Disney's ride, rather than having just ridden a good ride.

On the Pirates in Batavia ride it's not such a problem. Although it has the same idea, it feels different enough to be a ride with it's own character, not just a Disney rip off. This is good news, as this deserves to be regarded as a great dark ride. The models are of a good quality, and all the scenes are of a large scale. This ensures you are always fully immersed in the experience. It's a ride you could overlook with all the great coasters and water rides at Europa Park, but this one should be on your to do list.