Europa Park is rightly praised for it's theming, and rightly so. In terms of effort and quality on offer it ranks as one of the best going. The only area in which it falls slightly short when compared to the likes of Disney is in terms of scale of themed worlds. I think they've tried to create too many themed worlds in a small space. The impact of walking through an area themed as a Swiss village, complete with Bobsleigh coaster loses some of it's impact when a minute after entering the village one side you come out in another themed area on another side. The area that I think best bucks this trend, and shows what they can achieve is the Greek area, home of Poseidon.

Poseidon is a water coaster. It starts with a coaster section, before going down a fast section of track in to a large lake creating a huge splash. This one does this twice, with a hill lift after the first splash taking you up and to the next coaster section.

The coaster itself has enough going to create a great fun thrilling ride. When you factor in this is set in a magnificently themed area, done on a good scale it really does manage to create an unmissable experience.