Robin Hood



This is a ride which surprisingly was a little below the radar on our trip to Holland. We knew there was a wooden coaster at Walibi World called Robin Hood, but couldn't find out much about it. In hindsight this is quite a surprise as it's a very good example of a family wooden coaster.

If this ride does have one weakness it's the theming. By calling a ride Robin Hood it conjures up images of Sherwood Forest, The Sheriff of Nottingham and the Merry Men's Camp, or maybe of a Brian Adams song. There's no sign of any of this. This area does have a light Medieval theme, but like much of Walibi World's theming it fells like only a minimal effort has been made to theme area. It's better than no theming at all, but it never really enhances any of the rides, or immerses you that strongly.

These problems are soon forgotten once your up and riding. The train tears around the track at a great pace providing both a good sensation of speed, and some nice airtime on the bumps throughout. It doesn't reach an ultra high level of thrills, but this is a good one to look to if your looking for a good example of a family coaster.