This is a ride you could easily end up overlooking. Not because of how you perceive it, but because it's in an out of the way area of the park. It didn't help that when I visited the nearest big coaster Divertical was closed, but even when that's going it's still several minutes walk to an area with little other than this ride in it.

Is it worth going out of your way for then? That's a definite yes. I allways say the sign of a great ride is that the first thing I want to do after riding is have another go. For this to happen on any ride is reasonably rare, but for it to happen on a dark ride is almost unheard of.

It's an interactive dark ride, set in an apocalyptic city. Even without the interactive element it would still hold up as a decent ride. The quality of the scenery is some of the highest out there. With the inclusion of the interactive element the ride comes close to addictive. There's never a shortage of targets that take various parts of the scenery move or light up, making the whole ride is a fun experience.

It's  a shame there's  not a decent ride in the nearby area, there would be room for a good flat ride and a shop or food stand  in the themed area around the ride, to make the area feel complete. Even as it stands this is a must do when visiting the park, well worth going out of your way for.