Rio Bravo



This ride has some of the most generic theming I've ever seen. It's in a Wild West area, which is a generic theme for a theme park to start with, but this one goes further. It's of a good scale and quality, but it lacks any character due to the lack of any character models or sight gags. Given this park has the rights to use the various Warner Bros cartoon characters I'm really surprised they didn't think to include some models of them dressed as cowboys.

Luckily this ride redeems itself in other ways, thanks to the two great drops. The final drop is visible from the start, and is a good large flume drop. It's the first drop though that pulls off the real surprise. (Warning: Stop reading if you don't want to know what it is). It sees you coming up a lift, and going
on to a turntable ready to do a backwards drop. This is reasonably common in Europe, so I thought I knew what to expect. Instead of dropping strait in to the water though you first drop down in to a dry roller coaster style dip, and continue over a hump before splashing back down in to the water. This is easily one of the best elements I've encountered on any flume ride. This bit on it's own is enough to put this ride up with some of the best flume rides I've ever done. All it really needs is a few improvements to the theming to make it indisputably the best.