River Quest



Technically this is a rapids ride, as you ride through a channel of water in a river rapids boat. It's nothing like any other rapids ride I've ever ridden though. To see what I'll mean you'll need to have a look at the drop in the second photo. Not what you find on a typical rapids ride.

These drops are one of the most exciting elements I've done on any water ride. No matter how much you reassure yourself this has all been tested, and is perfectly safe you still feel a sense of danger and excitement as you plunge down a large number of these drops located around the ride.

So why have I only given it an 8? The problem isn't the drops, but what occurs between the drops, which is not a lot. It moves at an O.K. pace, but not much happens as it moves, with no features and major rapids other than the drops. This isn't necessarily a problem, it could be seen as a log flume style ride, with a slow pace between the drops, but this means something is needed to provide amusement between the drops. The outside of the ride is well themed as a large castle, but as you go around the ride there are no models, and not much to see other than concrete walls.

This does hold the ride back a little. I reckon if you could incorporate a number of these drops in a faster more traditional rapids ride, and put in some decent theming, it could be the best water ride ever. Currently this is still a good ride, and is a must do as it offers some fun and thrills your unlikely to come across anywhere else.