Rock N Roller Coaster



Thinking about it you'd have good reason to have been disgruntled when this ride opened back in 2002. With Space Mountain having opened already in 1995 surely another enclosed, looping, power launched ride in the same resort should feel like a bit of a let down. In reality though this isn't much of an issue. Would you complain if Alton Towers built another B+M inverter like Nemesis, or Oakwood another woodie like Megaphobia. The truth is when the rides are this good, what's to complain about?

Recently I visited Walibi World in The Netherlands, where they have a ride called Xpress, which is what this ride is an outside version of this ride. Sadly it was down with a technical fault when I visited, which is a shame as I'd really like to be able to compare both rides.

The launch at the start is a great bonus, providing extra excitement at the start of the ride. After you hit the first loop though it doesn't continue as great a perception of speed for the rest of the ride, from there onwards it could be a chain lift based ride. This ride features an intricate layout, in a compact space, with no dull points as you head around a varied selection of exciting ride elements.

What really elevates this ride above the rest, is something which Xpress at Wallibi World lacks, hence me wondering what it would be like to ride it. It has major stimulation of all your senses. The seats all have speakers playing suitable Rock N Roll music, plus the whole ride has some magnificent theming, which means your always looking at something interesting. This ride may be slightly inferior to Space Mountain in the same resort, but it's still an amazing ride I wouldn't say no to.