With the current problems the Scenic Railway at Margate continues to face, it's good to see that there are some examples of these historically important rides that have their future's assured. Scenic Railways are some of the earliest examples of roller coasters. They're wooden coasters, running on a simple trough of track, and rely on brakemen to control the ride using a brake lever on the train itself.

Having ridden  6 of the 8 remaining examples (with ambition  to try the version in Budapest) I am in a position to draw some comparisons. This is definitely on of the more extravagant structures found. It's featured around a range of mountains and features several tunnels incorporated in to the ride. I think the only other example I've ridden that is themed on this level is the Hochschabahn at Weiner Prater in Vienna. It does have a more extravagant structure, featuring a mine themed dark ride, and a fun house within it's structure. It is quite fun to seek these out.

Thrill wise it's not up there with larger scenic railways, like the ones at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, or at Bakken, located not far from this park, just outside of Copenhagen. This doesn't mean though it doesn't provide a good level of thrills, that makes it a great example of a family coaster, even without considering the historical importance.