Samoloty Duze



I start this review with a bit of a confession. At the time of writing I've never been on the Flying Machine at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Given my interest in historic rides, this is a big oversight. I think it's because Blackpool has so many other great rides I've always just skipped the Flying Machine. Now I've ridden this it's near the top of my to do list next time I visit Blackpool.

The thrills start even before you ride it. The planes swing out over the path around it. Even though you know they're high enough not to be a danger they still feel close enough to make it feel disconcerting as they whiz

I was expecting the standard chairswing experience. How wrong I was. This is a lot more intense than a normal chairswing, making it feel like your riding through a gale as the wind generated strikes you so fast. Having not ridden the flying machine I don't know if they've recreated a classic, or have improved upon one. Either way the result is a great ride, and ranks as one of the most exciting family thrill rides I've tried.