Sequoia Adventure



This was a ride I was both interested in trying, and had wondered about. From the pictures I'd seen it looked like an interesting concept, consisting of a number of saxophone elements, which are like an inverted half loop, where you drop and end up upside down. It looked interesting, and looked like a potentially good signature coaster for a small park, that would only take up a small space, and be relatively cheap to purchase. This did make me wonder why more versions of this ride hadn't been made. Upon riding it though I got my answer, it's an absolutely atrocious ride.

To start with it's very heavily braked. It trundles along the straits at a snails pace, and is heavily braked for the first parts of the drops until your facing vertically down. It's when the brakes release though things get really bad. The next part is a highly unpleasant jolting drop, that creates the sensation of a bad migraine. You repeat this a number of times over the course, and there's nothing else to distract you from these points.

Is there anything redeeming about this ride? Well it's not quite as bad as the worst ride I've ever done (a dodgy knock off at a Chinese amusement park) which is why it gets a 2, not a 1. If I did ever do a chart for the worst coasters I've done this would definitely make the top 5. You might want to ride it once to add to your coaster count, other than that it's one to avoid.