As I'm writing this it's coming up to 20 years since I first rode Nemesis. That means it will soon have been my favourite steel coaster for 20 years. It's looking more and more like I'll have to travel further afield to find something to knock it off it's number one spot, as the options in Europe are drying up. I can only think off 2 European coasters I haven't ridden (interestingly I'm considering a trip where I will do one in a few months, so Nemesis may still just miss the 20 year mark) that could knock it off the top spot.

Then again something could come along as a complete surprise. Shambhala isn't a ride I thought would make my top 10, let alone rank after Nemesis as my second favourite steel coaster. Admittedly it has some impressive stats, at just under 250 foot high it's Europe's tallest roller coaster. It has an impressive first drop followed by numerous high hills. I've done quite a few rides based on a similar idea, some I found under whelming, not offering more than a good first drop. Some fared a little better, but there had been nothing to trouble my top 10.

Most previous examples have had good first drops, but the one on Shambhala blows away the competition in terms of scary thrills and intensity. This is more than a one trick ride though, you continue over the hills where not only experience a high amount of speed, but a beautiful burst of floaty air time lifting you out of your seat. Every hill feels like a work of genius as it magically lifts you out of your seat.

Overall this is an absolute must do. Thanks to low cost airlines you can organise a couple of nights in Barcelona relatively cheaply, and this ride alone would justify the effort of a short trip. When you pair this with Dragon Kahn and several other great coasters, how could you not make this a priority?