Shrek 4D



Good news for European fans of Shrek, you no longer have to fly to another continent to see the Shrek 4D cinema experience. Even better news for non German speakers is they show the film in several languages throughout the day, including English. You will need to check the show times to plan in advance, but it's worth the effort.

There's not a huge amount of Shrek theming. It's located in the main shopping street at the park entrance. There's a Shrek shop and the ride entrance on the street. Even inside it's only a minimal level of theming to give things a medieval feel to match the idea of you being inside Lord Farquaad's castle.

Once the show starts this isn't a big issue. It starts with a pre show featuring some of the characters from the film, that sets up the plot of the main show, that sees Lord Farquaad's ghost trying to take revenge on Shrek and Fiona as they travel to their honeymoon hotel.

I had seen the film before when it was an extra on one of the DVDs, and wasn't that excited by it. On the big screen though it fares much better. The great quality animation and humour are still there, and having it on a big screen allows you to become much more engaged in the story. The 3D film and effects like water sprays also help add to the fun. This all adds up to it being one of the best films I've seen in a special FX cinema. Normally on a ride like this I wouldn't prioritise it if it meant going out of my way to catch it at a certain time. Here though, despite the effort needed it would still be a must do when I visit the park.