Silver Mine



Phantasialand is a definite favourite of mine. Not just because it has one of my favourite line ups of major rides, although obviously that helps. After you've done the major rides there's a great collection of other rides on offer, including quite a few nice hidden gems to be found. In that respect it reminded me a little of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

This ride is a prime example. It's tucked away at the back of the Wild West section of the park. It's in an unassuming building, you could almost walk past without realising. When you spot it you walk up to the station area, which is still very unassuming. You could easily be forgiven at this point for having low expectations of this ride.

Once your on though you find out this is a great ride. It's a Wild West theme, and takes you around a variety of scenes in a Wild West town, and around it. The models have a good feeling of both quality and nostalgia, and enough attention to detail has been paid to ensure you feel immersed in the experience. The most impressive thing though is the size and scale of it. From the outside I find it hard to believe there is a place a ride this big on the inside can fit in. A great ride well worth seeking out.