At a maximum height of 240 feet this is Europe's tallest roller coaster. It will be interesting to see if and when this record is beaten, and will we ever get one above the 300 foot mark. Looking for a park in Europe that can both afford and accommodate a coaster like this makes for a very short list.

The main queuing area for this ride is interesting. This ride is sponsored by Mercedes, and the queuing area is like a large show room, with displays of cars and engines. It's an idea that works pretty well. It enhances the queuing and compliments the ride.

The ride itself is a pretty simple layout going over a car park. It's a hill lift followed by a series of hills in a strait line, until it reaches the far end of the ride, where it turns around and follows a series of hills running parallel to the first set.

Overall it's a pretty good ride, although I reckon it would be hard to build a coaster this tall and it not offer something good, even if it was just the first drop. Unfortunately a ride with a simple layout like this needs to run like a demon to be ranked as a world class ride. It doesn't quite achieve this standard, lacking the edge it needs to stand out for reasons other than record breaking claims to fame.