It's a Small World



I've had a scary thought. There's been a hugely successful film franchise based on Pirates of the Caribbean, there's been a not so successful film based on The Haunted Mansion, that makes the next logical step; It's a Small World, The Movie.

If you get that last joke, or one of many other jokes that have even appeared in some of Disney's own films,  you'll be aware of the reputation of this ride. It's a ride that is the target of many jokes. Despite this you would feel if something was missing if you went to a Magic Kingdom, and it wasn't reassuringly there.

For the uninitiated it's a boat ride which you travel around areas themed around different parts of the world. What really earns it the infamy is the dolls all around it representing the children of the world, all of who sing the infamous music.

At it's heart it's a pretty good ride. It has a nice charm about it once you get over the initial assault on your senses, and the models are all of a good quality. It's one you could theoretically pass over when compared to some of the parks other rides, yet it wouldn't feel the same if you didn't experience this.