Space Mountain: Mission 2



With the benefit of hindsight it's interesting to see not how Disney building a theme park changed parks in Europe, but how building a park in Europe has changed Disney. They struggled in their first year or two, and realised they needed to add some thrilling rides to accommodate better for the European market. This led to not only more thrilling rides in Europe, but to more thrilling rides in Disney parks across the world.

The pinnacle of this so far in Europe has to be this ride. It's in a huge building that dominates the whole Discovery Land area. It's strange now to think back to 1992 when I first visited and this ride and The Lion King show weren't around. It left Discovery Land as quite a weak area, with only Star Tours and a few family rides, and this land doesn't have much to do in terms of looking round and exploring.

Space Mountain is a true masterpiece. It starts with a themed count down that builds up the anticipation before your launched over the first hill and descend in to the large building, where you tear around the track at a thrilling rate, past some magnificent theming. It's not just a thrilling ride but a great experience, providing not just great thrills as you tear around the track but a great sense of escapism. It's a world class coaster, and one of my all time favourites.