Space Mouse



You'd think another spinning mouse review would be pretty near the bottom of my list of rides I'm going to review in the European section, even at a kids park where it's the most thrilling ride there. This one is of special note though, or at least it's a first for me. Instead of the standard layout found on about every non Chinese spinning mouse I've ridden, this one has a more compact layout that makes it worthy of notice, at least if you haven't already tried out another copy of this version, like the one at Botton's, Skegness.

One thing I noticed is visually it's not a perfect fit for the park. It doesn't look bad, with some nice artwork and even a little decoration, but the fact it's on a flat concrete plot makes it stand out in a park where almost everything else is nicely landscaped.

What's it like to ride? I would rank it slightly ahead of the more familiar version of the spinning mouse. It helps that the layout feels a little less generic and predictable, but what really helps is the spinning. For a start it's free to spin at the start of the ride, meaning you're spinning throughout, and I found it spun more regularly than the more familiar version. It's not enough to make it a stand out ride, but it's worth a go if you're visiting the park.