The Spinning Top



Tivoli does have a pretty good selection of thrill rides. These include things like the Dragon, an unusual ride known as the Flik Flak, that sees you in a pod that rocks back n forth and even performs multiple summersaults. There's also an inverted Magic Carpet called the Monsoon, that has no floor, but has fountains that spray up when your held in the air. There's also a well themed Seastorm and Jets ride, and this Breakdance. One of the great things about these rides is the theming. Tivoli is a park synonymous with great theming, and an extra effort has been made to make sure the thrill rides don't let the side down.

You may wonder why I've chosen to review what is usually a pretty standard amusement ride, in the European section of the site. There must be rides more deserving of attention, surely.  Well having ridden this I think this is a ride that deserves a little extra attention.

What looks like a well themed version of a typical ride, turns out to be something special. The intensity of the ride has been cranked up a good deal, meaning you reach a high speed, and you feel the g-force pinning you to your seat. Overall a well themed ride, that also provides a great level of thrills.