Splash Battle



If there's one thing I've come to admire it's what I call creative innovation. It's not that I don't respect technological innovation, but what I really admire is the thought process that creates a fun or exciting new experience using existing technology. Here's a great example, the technology to move a car along a track has been around for decades, and so has the technology for a human powered water gun. It's only relatively recently though that someone had the creative spark of genius that created the Splash Battle.

This ride has been phenomenally popular, with versions at Alton Towers with a Pirate Theme, and a version at Walibi World and Flamingo Land with the brightly coloured waterworks decorations, plus many other versions throughout the World. When you consider it's a ride that will loose a lot of appeal on days with bad weather it really has defied the odds with it's popularity.

How has it done this? Well quite simply because it's an incredibly fun ride, that anyone from toddlers to parents can enjoy. It's a ride that does rely on interaction with other guests, I can see it being a bit of a dull ride on a very quiet ride, with no guests manning the water guns around the rides. Most of the time though the whole experience of going round and trying to avoid getting wet yourself is a great fun experience. It's one of the most pure fun experiences I've ever had on any ride. Thinking about it I can't think of any park where this wouldn't be a great addition. This is definitely one to try if you get the chance.