I've often wondered why there haven't been more racing coasters like the Grand National. Recently though I've managed to ride a few examples, and judging by the results it's a more difficult concept to get right than you might imagine. This one is a racing wooden coaster, with 2 trains that climb parallel hill lifts at the same time. The tracks in each lane though aren't exactly the same, to incorporate a few features, like the trains passing each other in opposite directions. The trouble is the red side has a faster route, meaning it finishes ahead 90% of the time, meaning the fun competitive races you get on the Grand National are a rarity. On the plus side the blue lane's queue is consequently shorter a lot of the time, so you can save some time if you just want multiple goes.

Is it one you'd want multiple goes on though? Well even without the racing elements it's a good wooden coaster. It has a few knocks and bumps along the way, which may make it uncomfortable if you have too many repeat goes, but they don't detract from the ride in a big way. The twisted and unpredictable layout keeps things exciting, along with the good pace set by the trains. I wouldn't rank it up there among the best wooden coasters I've done. It's one I'd still try to get at least one go on during a visit to the park, and would consider multiple goes on, although given the strong competition it faces at PortAventura I'd be more inclined to spend my time elsewhere after my first go.



Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me.

Stampida is a massive duelling wooden roller coaster in the Far West land of Port Aventura. This ride was built by Custom Coasters International, and opened in 1997. The thing I love about this ride is that the two carriages race around the track at 46mph, doing dips and turns, and also has a smaller wooden coaster sharing the same area called Tomahawk.

The ride is a long ride which is also a good point but unfortunately the carriages are really only big enough for 1 adult so when you cramp two adults into the carriage it can get uncomfortable. To add to this the ride is very bumpy and rickety so it is really painful if your cramped in. The ride goes up to a height of 84ft it takes up most of the far west land due to the massive amount of track. It is 3,127ft in length and can be seen fully from one of the park entrances. This ride is a good ride, I would say a medium thrill value, but a high pain value.