This is a ride which is such a simple concept, it's surprising to believe none thought of it sooner. It's a chair swing ride, but the seats spin, and rise up a tower which is over 250 foot high. I'm surprised one hasn't been built in the U.K. yet. It would be a great fit for quite a few amusement parks. I reckon it would make an ideal ride for Chessington if it wasn't for the height issue.

As you'd expect at Tivoili Gardens, it is well themed. The decorations gives the ride a Jules Verne Sci Fi feel, which gives this ride a spirit of adventure that fits the whole experience of flying so high in the air really well.

It also does a good job of providing mild thrills, while also being something that you can feel daring for doing. Swinging through the air in just a chair on the end of 4 chains is an experience that's a little scary, but is not so terrifying that it's unsuitable for all but thrill seekers. When you factor in the spectacular views of the gardens and the surrounding area this ride provides as well, this ride offers one of the high-lights of your visit.