In previous reviews I have discussed the analogy that if the money spent on Nemesis was spent on a coaster located on a blank plot of land you could build a ride twice as big, but it wouldn't necessarily be as good due to the lack of environmental enhancement. Well this being a large multi looping B+M coaster, on an empty plot of land, it feels like a prime opportunity to test this theory out.

It should be noted though, that just because most of this ride is on an empty plot of scrub land it doesn't mean there's no theming. A lot of effort has gone in to theming the queue and station. It all fits the Superman
theme, starting with a recreation of the Daily Planet, before the main ride station, decorated with scenes from various comics. It's a nice idea, the trouble is it feels like just some random Superman stuff. It would enhance the experience a lot more if more of a story was told.

Truth be told though this ride isn't in need of any enhancing. You could do away with all the bells and whistles and it would still be a great ride. It's not one that relies on being a high speed ride, it has an unusual graceful feel as it glides around 
the track. Thanks though to a varied and unpredictable track layout you don't feel the need for speed. As it takes the various ride elements at a calculated pace it creates an enthralling experience. It may not be the most thrilling multi looper out there, but it's one of the most fun. It may not beat Nemesis to become my favourite steel coaster, but it puts on a great performance, becoming one of my top 10.