Looking through my top 10 percent list there is one type of ride that pops up more frequently than any other. Largely due to the fact they have produced some great rides, but also because there are lots of examples found around Europe. The ride in question is the Maurer spinning coaster, and here's another great example.

Strangely the layout of this one reminds me of the one Maurer spinner I've ridden so far not to make my top 10 percent, Spinball Whizzer, with it's boxed shape layout in a compact area. It's a lot larger than Spinball though which allows for some good sweeping drops. This creates a thrilling start to the ride. After the initial drops the ride continues around a series of helixes and bumps.

This is all accentuated by a great mountainside setting. This would be good in a theme park, in a City amusement park like Parque De Atracciones is really impressive.

Despite having ridden a good number of Maurer Spinners there has been no sign of me getting jaded by them. In fact a ride I'd consider a draw when deciding where to visit, and if they keep producing the goods like they have here I can't see that changing anytime soon.