Temple of the Nighthawk



One good thing that struck me about Phantasialand was the high quality of the coasters on offer. I'm trying to think of another park with 4 or more coasters where the quality is so consistently high. I can think of a few parks with 7 or more coasters where the top 4 are of as high a quality, but none that maintain this level of consistency.

This one is an especially nice surprise. To start with it's not to promising. It's an enclosed coaster, and the outside looks unassuming. I reckon on a quiet day, with no queue outside you could walk past it not realising it's there. The queue and station area has some theming, but not of a high quality that promises much.

What you get though is a very good dark coaster. It has a little lighting, and a few lighting effects, to help you get some anticipation of what's coming, while still being dark enough to have excitement about the unknown. It has a good pace around the track, and is a very large ride, giving a sense of a major experience. It's a ride that could be overlooked compared to some other attractions, but comes as a great surprise.