Terminator 5D



OK, that name has brought up 2 questions. Firstly; do they really have a licence to do a Terminator ride? Second; Why 5D? They don't even use 3D glasses any more, let alone two extra dimensions.

It doesn't start out to promisingly, with a poor intro video in an undecorated room. Once you get to the main show though things pick up in a big way. It's an interactive cinema where you have a light gun and shoot at targets on the screen during the show. All previous examples I've tried (or more accurately the previous duplicated example I've tried in several locations) have failed in the execution of this concept. When someone shoots the screen a logo flashes up on the screen. The trouble is with a large number of riders concentrating on a limited number of targets it ends up with a chaotic mess of logos. Here though instead of the annoying logos the gun simply vibrates when you hit a target. This means you know what's going on, without disrupting the other riders.

Not content with just perfecting a concept though they've taken it to the next level. As well as targets on the screen during the show various models appear that have targets on them, so instead of the show just taking place on a small screen in takes place on a large scale stage. When you factor in that the models and sets are of such a good quality I checked to see if this ride was brought second hand from Universal Studios (turns out it used to be a stunt show, and had the interactive elements added) you end up with not just one of the best interactive cinemas, but one of the best interactive dark rides I've done.