Big Thunder Mountain



This is a ride I agonised quite a lot over what score to give it. My head said there's a few rides I'd rank above this in my all time favourites list that only get a 9, so this should only be a 9. Something in my heart though said I should give it a 10.

It comes down to what giving a ride a 10 means. It doesn't mean a perfect ride, as no thing really exists when you consider one mans meat is another mans poison. Also although my favourite rides in a given category are inevitably more likely to score 10, I wanted to avoid the trap of giving my favourite rides 10, the next 9 and so on, instead I want to judge each ride individually. To be a 10 not only does it have to be a world class ride,  but also a true standout ride in it's particular field, something that is a step above all the other really good rides on offer. I think if you compare Big Thunder Mountain to both other Mine Trains, and to other pure family coasters (suitable for age 7 and up) it's fulfilling both these criteria.

It's a good thrilling coaster, that does all you'd expect from a good family coaster, but what really puts it a notch above the rest is the epic theming. It's set around a huge mountain structure set in the middle of a lake, and contains a large amount of tunnels, and no ends of nice touches of theming in the layout. It's also of an unbelievably large size meaning the ride lasts long enough to make it feel like something epic, yet despite this it never feels tired or repetitive, nor does it have any dull parts.

One extra recommendation I would make is if you have the chance to ride this after dark, do so. Then the ride becomes even more outstanding and epic. Doing this ranks as one of my all time favourite experiences on any roller coaster anywhere. Even in the day this is an amazing experience you've got to try.