Tic Tac Tornado



I wonder if anyone will recognize this ride? I say this because this ride used to be at The America Adventure theme park before it closed down. I did ride it while it was there but I hardly remember anything about it. The move though has done this ride some good. Having less white knuckle rides in the vicinity to compete with helps it stand out more, plus the rides new look is a big help. The green paintwork matches the rides location well, it feels like a ride that was intended for it's current location.

One thing I noticed on the ride was the restraints, they remind me a little of the ones on Rita and Stealth, only without the rubber vest, just some shoulder bars a long way from your torso. This leaves you feeling open and vulnerable.

This did worry me because it seemed like you could potentially come out. Once riding though this wasn't an issue. After the first drop it was strait in to the two loops, at a high enough speed to create a strong amount of g-force to pin you firmly in to your seat on both loops. It feels like you could do the loops without restraints thanks to the strong level of g-force.

After the loops are a helix and a few turns, which do feel like a bit of an afterthought to pad out the ride after the loops. There's nothing wrong with them, but they're not what you remember about the ride. Overall this is a good ride. Sadly it's not ranked high enough to justify the long trip to it, but if you do find yourself in the area it's worth making the effort to seek it out.