Time Riders



When it comes to unexpected pleasant surprises Movie Park Germany must hold some sort of record, as there were a notable number of rides that exceeded my expectations. This is another one I knew little about, but would now be on my must do list when visiting the park.

It's a rare example of a themed simulator ride. They were a big thing for a brief period after the excitement of Disney's Star Tours and Universal's Back to the Future, but they soon had their place in the market taken by the 4D cinema. The show is in German, but it's an easy enough plot to follow plot of you entering a mad professor's mansion to take a trip in his time machine.

The first two rooms making up the pre show are both very well themed spectacles, that are still good to see, even if you don't understand the German film. You might recognise the actor in the film playing the professor though as it's John Cleese of Fawlty Towers and Monty Python fame. Apparently they were both popular shows in Germany.

After that it's in to the simulator for the main show. Although the simulator movements aren't that lively, the film is a good one, It has some excellent computer graphics, and sees you jumping to different periods of history and encountering various hazards. The result is a great family themed attraction. Overall a ride well worth taking time out to do.