If you had to pick the number one ride company in the world you would feel pretty safe picking Intamin. Not only do they produce some of the best roller coasters, but they've also produced some great water rides and thrill rides. They do have an Achilles heel though, when it comes to inverted coasters, this being only one of 2 they've ever made, the other being at Särkänniemi in Finland. Neither version lives up to what B+M can produce in terms of ride experience, or even enough to justify purchasing an Intamin version over a Vekoma one, which I imagine would be cheaper for a park.

It doesn't help that the build up for this ride is uninspiring. It's tucked away in a corner of the park, with nothing else in the same area, plus the station and queue areas feel shabby compared to the rest of the park. To ride it is rough, shaking you in your seat as you go around. This neutralizes any sensation of speed, limiting the amount of thrills from what wasn't that innovative a layout to start with.

this isn't a ride that doesn't fit very well in to the parks line up. It isn't good enough to rank along with the signature coasters, and it doesn't have a broad enough appeal to work as a support ride to the signature coasters, and it's clearly not a family coaster. It's just about good enough to mean it's one I'd do one ride when visiting if the queue was short, but it's not one I'd be disappointed to skip.