Trace Du Hourra



Occasionally I will do a good ride, but still come away a little disappointed. Often because it was over hyped, and fell a little short of expectations, or as is the case here, because I had high hopes for the ride. It's a bobsleigh coaster that's been expanded to the size of a major attraction. Now I've already done a couple of smaller examples of the bobsleigh coaster, where you ride a train down a large metal tube rather than a track, most notably the Avalanche at Blackpool, and found them to be fun family rides, so the idea of making a larger version was an intriguing concept.

Lets start with the theming, and here Parc Asterix deserves a lot of kudos for effort and originality. It would have been easy for them to have gone with the mountain based theme most rides of this type get, put up a few models of characters from Asterix in Switzerland and it would have been more than acceptable. Instead though they've gone with a much more original caveman theme. It's a notable contrast to the light hearted cartoony feel of the rest of the park, seeing the queue take you around an atmospheric area of caves, trees, rocks, and plenty of chances to view the ride before you try it. It does a great job of building up anticipation of the ride.

So, on to the ride itself. As I mentioned it has a few problems. It is surprisingly rough for a ride of this type, shaking you in your seat quite a bit. This does takes the edge off some of the thrills a little, but it's not something that's a major problem. The bigger problem is due to the rides size there are quite a few block brake areas, where the ride slows down a lot down a simple strait of track. The constant occurrence of this, along with the rides roughness results in the rides flow constantly being disrupted. Don't get me wrong the train still achieves a good thrilling pace at some points, but it doesn't stay at that pace long enough to put it up there with the best family coasters.

Now I have been a little negative, so lets now not forget that although there's unfulfilled potential this is still a pretty good family coaster. It's a gimmick that's a relative rarity, and using it to build a ride of this scale is unique. The result is a good coaster, that's suitable for the family market, while still offering enough to keep older thrill seekers interested. Not perhaps a reason to visit the park on it's own, but once at the park a couple of goes on this would definitely be on my to do list.